Sea Scapes


I have really enjoyed creating these sea scapes, perhaps because it enabled me to go to the North Devon and Cornish coasts to walk by the sea and observe the coastline at different times of day and in different weather conditions: a stormy sea is so exhilarating.


Sunset Waves

This picture is a wet-felted design inspired by

a lovely sunset along the Devon coastline.


Sailing boats

The sight of boats sailing out to sea always

makes me want to join them!


Stormy Sea

I love the wild elemental feel of a stormy sea

with the crashing waves.

Cornish Haze

A misty morning along the cornish coast with the slow reveal of the colours and coastline as the mist dissolves.

Cornish harbour

I love the cornish town of Padstow, and while the harbour does not look like this, the picture reminds me of a cornish village.