These scenes contain views of moorlands and the rolling hills that I love. Most of them are created from memory as I feel they then come alive, sometimes though a small sketch I have drawn or a photograph my husband has taken will jog my memory. I like the organic nature of needlefelting or wet-felting, as the scene often evolves in front of my eyes - one colour combination will create the mood and atmosphere of the piece and will then determine the nature of the rest of the scene.


Bluebells on the Moor

There is something wonderful about the purple haze of bluebells shimmering amongst the rocks on the moor.

Tumbling rocks, sheep and rolling fields are a

common theme of Dartmoor, and I love the freedom

of walking such landscapes.


This picture was inspired by the sight of three birds of prey circling one of the tors on Dartmoor.

One of the first sunset landscapes I ever made. 

I love the vibrant colours and how they swirl together.

This was the first of my large pictures to sell. 

It is still one of my favourites, with the purples of the

setting sun reflected over the hills.

Sunset at the Maltings

A colourful sunset with a large lone sheep in the foreground.

Penny's Sheep

This picture was inspired by the memory of my daughter sitting in a field amongst a lot of sheep. I was rather pleased with this as it was the first large sheep I had created.

Again, I am inspired by the rolling hills, sheep

and wonderful skylines.